Coquerel calls for a fact-finding mission, despite the work of the Senate

LFI deputy Eric Coquerel, chairman of the Finance Committee, proposed this Thursday the creation of an information mission on the use by the State of consulting firms. “This will be one of my first proposals for an information mission,” said the elected Insoumis of Seine-Saint-Denis in the Finance Committee at the Assembly.

« Everyone has seen the news on Capgemini, McKinsey, etc., which will perhaps allow us to question ourselves on the questions of value for money of these consulting firms, their necessity, their role », he indicated. « It’s something that I would like to put on our committee’s calendar fairly quickly. »

A bill tabled by the Senate

These remarks aroused criticism from the communist senator Eliane Assassi, who worked on the subject in the Senate and is bringing a bill with her colleague LR Arnaud Bazin, in order to regulate the use by the State of these private firms. “I am announcing that serious and rigorous work has already been carried out in the Senate by a transpartisan commission of inquiry which then tabled a bill which is not limited to ‘controversies’! It’s beautiful the gathering! “, launched on Twitter Eliane Assassi, elected from Seine-Saint-Denis, like Eric Coquerel.

« Uh, it’s a bit silly, we have just finished exhaustive work with Eliane Assassi and we have tabled a bill which President Gérard Larcher has requested to be registered… It’s not far from 15 rue de Vaugirard ( the address of the Senate)”, abounded the centrist Nathalie Goulet.

Soon a “new frame”

Following the Senate report, the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) had opened a preliminary investigation for « aggravated laundering of aggravated tax evasion » against the American consulting firm McKinsey. The Bureau of the Senate had also seized the prosecution for suspicion of false testimony by a McKinsey official before the commission of inquiry.

The Minister of Transformation and the Public Service Stanislas Guerini assured Thursday on Public Senate that he would present « in the coming weeks » a « new framework to regulate the use of ministries » to consulting firms. He indicated that he was going to receive the senators behind the text, which he said he took « very seriously ». « There are a number of proposals that I will take up, » he said.


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