Cooking shows to inspire you for the holidays

Cooking shows are not losing their popularity. This is all the more true when the holiday season arrives and you don’t want to worry too much, or to get out of the usual classics. You still have a few hours to plan your holiday meal. Perhaps you lack inspiration for entertaining or dining during the holidays or for planning your New Year’s party. Here are some suggestions shared in the various shows presented over the past few days, in anticipation of the Holiday season.

Potluck station

This convivial program relies on the culinary DNA of its guests. So we cook from the tastes and memories of them. During the holiday episode, Stefano Faita, Hugo St-Jacques and Émilie Fournier received the couple Véronique Claveau and Bryan Audet. There is a tint of Saguenay on Véronique’s menu. And… egg rolls for Bryan, which gets a lot of reaction. The sandwich bread also sits on the table. A must. Hugo teaches us how to brine the turkey and Stefano gives his stuffing recipe. We are also shown how to make a fluffy sponge cake to prepare the Swiss roll without breaking it. A program that puts the pleasure of the table at the heart of conversations.

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Three times a day & you

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

Recently, Marilou gave us tips for using leftover raclette. Raclette is a festive meal that goes well with friends. During its first season, Marilou devoted a few episodes to preparing for the Holidays. Because, let’s not forget, Three times a day & you, it’s food, but it’s also all that the art of entertaining includes. She therefore devoted an episode to the good reflexes to develop to receive without stress and another to gourmet gifts. With mixologist Maxime Boivin, she offers several options of mocktails, these popular alcohol-free cocktails.

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I eat

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Vegan cuisine is gaining in popularity, but it is still rarely seen on our airwaves. Loonie cooks us a crown-shaped roast that’s all plant-based with vegetables and nuts. Florence-Léa Siry, the anti-waste specialist, shows how to design your own advent calendar with the things that are in your pantry. Note for next year. Don’t feel like getting into cooking a turkey (and eating it for a week)? Chef Simon Deslauriers cooks paupiettes full of spices. Even the animator Stéphane Bellevance commits himself with his recipe for garlic rolls.

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5 chefs in my kitchen

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The advantage of 5 chefs in my kitchen is to have access to a diversity of culinary visions. Marina Orsini successively receives a dozen creative chefs. For the holidays, Blake Mackay bet on the originality of a parmesan and olive puff pastry wreath to brighten up the table as an aperitif, as well as spiced cookies. Pastry chef Rémy Couture, renowned for his decadent desserts, prepares Maple Blondies with kamut flour. He relies on local products. Apparently Marc Maulà makes the easiest turkey recipe. To be tested at the end of the week! Minh Phat shares holiday classics with Asian flavors. And Marina had a visit from the wonderful sister Angèle who gives us her recipe for shredded chicken pie and her sugar pie. Unusual fact? The secret of its perfect dough is based on… 7Up!

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For 21 seasons already, Ricardo has been concocting dishes for us every day. He focuses on simplicity. This is what has made its success for so many years. It has been in party mode for a few days. On the menu, vegetarian dishes, ideas for Christmas brunch and of course lots of ideas for entertaining. Among the original recipes: a « monkey bread » with herbs and cheese prepared in a ring mold, a terrine of chicken liver and cranberry jelly, a magnificent salad of beets and yogurt with herbs, a scallop shell to share and a red wine braised pork poutine. Ah! Yes ! And Isabelle Deschamps Plante’s tiramisu log.

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Photo provided by ICI Télé, Simon Laroche

Geneviève O’Gleman is a nutritionist. It is recognized for its healthy recipes whose pleasure is not altered. But above all, it offers simple recipes that are made without too many ingredients and in a reasonable time. She knows people are busy and develops her dishes for the family to enjoy. For the holidays, she offered us an episode entirely devoted to cookies. Classic shortbread, with jam or mocha, she also dares a “fruit cake” style biscuit and another with fondant chocolate. In the company of Simon Boulerice, she revisited classics with shrimp verrines rather than crowns, a warm salad of root vegetables and a maple-glazed turkey.

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