Conspiracy leader Nadia Cioce removed from YouTube

The day after a YouTube has removed the conspiratorial channel « Nana L’information Otherwise », which had more than 90,000 subscribers.

« This video is no longer available because the associated YouTube account has been closed, » read one of the many videos on Nadia Cioce’s platform.

Nadia Cioce - Nana information differently

YouTube / Screenshot

According to our information, the channel of this Blainville resident was deleted around noon.

Nadia Cioce - Nana information differently

YouTube / Screenshot

Luiza Staniec, spokesperson for Google Canada, a company that owns YouTube, was not yet able to confirm this information at the time of publishing this text.

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Note that the leader of the conspiracy movement, which has followers around the world, shared a panoply of fake news on the management of the pandemic and even on electoral fraud.

Yesterday the Log revealed that against « Nana L’information Otherwise ». According to them, his speech could even lead people to « radicalize themselves ».

Two other channels

Thursday morning, Nadia Cioce published a last video where she denounced our article published the day before.

Nadia Cioce - Nana information differently

Screenshots YouTube, Nana Information Otherwise

The conspiratorial leader also invited her fans in this sequence to subscribe to her two other pages on YouTube, in case that of “Nana L’information Otherwise” would be deleted.

One of these two channels was also removed Thursday by YouTube. « This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service, » it read.

However, the account, where Nadia Cioce also posts videos, remained open. In all, this channel has more than 25,000 subscribers.

Our requests for an interview with « Nana L’information Otherwise » were again declined on Thursday.

Died refusing the mask

Recall that Ms. Cioce found herself at the heart of a controversy in November 2020.

During this month, she interviewed a mother of 6 children who categorically refused to wear the mask during her dialysis treatments and died, for lack of appropriate care.

Born with kidney disease, Quebecer Annick Cuillerier stopped attending her three weekly dialysis appointments at the Honoré-Mercier hospital in Montérégie at the end of November.

In an interview with the complotiste « Nana L’information Otherwise », she explained that she refused to cover her face during the four hours of the procedure because she suffers from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.

“We are like hostages. If you want your treatment, you have to do this or that”, she denounced, encouraged by Nadia Cioce during this 30-minute interview.

« Without dialysis, some die in two weeks, others in a month, » added the 48-year-old woman, lucid about the consequences of her decision.

The patient had since consumed “huge doses of vitamin C” and sprouted seeds to treat herself.

Ms. Cuillerier finally died a few weeks after her interview with « Nana L’information Otherwise ».

Contradicted version

Joined by The Log at the time, however, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est had a completely different version of the story.

At her last appointment at the hospital, two doctors met the recalcitrant patient facing the mask and offered to have her tested, which she also refused.

“Doctors thought it made no sense to put your health at risk not to wear a mask or get tested,” said Sylvain Dubé, spokesperson for the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est.

These specialists explained to her the impact of stopping dialysis and insisted on the importance of continuing it.

But Annick Cuillerier was so determined that she asked to have her catheter removed, which the doctors strongly advised against.

“If she had been ready to hear the different solutions, she would have had the treatments,” laments Mr. Dubé, who believes that many accommodations were offered to him.

However, the CISSS « cannot take a chance », he pointed out in 2020, especially since the patients who rubbed shoulders with the anti-mask are immunosuppressed, just like her.

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