Conservative leadership: More than 600,000 can vote in the race

Conservative Party leadership candidates can expect « well over » 600,000 members to vote to decide who among them should take the party’s top job, chief executive Wayne Benson has said.

In a statement on Thursday, Benson said all six candidates had been briefed on the record number of sign-ups, but noted that the voters list was subject to change.

“We cannot stress enough, however, that this number is subject to change as there are still many steps for the party to go through, including internal verification and processing, preparation of a preliminary voters list, a period challenge for leadership campaigns. and the finalization of a national voters list no later than July 29,” Benson said.

In the 2020 leadership race, the party had 269,469 eligible voters.

“Canadians are joining the Conservative Party of Canada in record numbers because they want a change from a Justin Trudeau-Jagmeet Singh alliance that makes everything more expensive for everyone – especially workers, families and seniors” , did he declare.

Benson said preparations are underway to ensure a smooth voting process given the momentum. Voting kits should be mailed to all eligible voters in late July, early August and completed ballots should be received in Ottawa no later than September 6.

Voters will elect a new leader on September 10.

The campaign of Pierre Poilievre claims to have recruited 311,958 new members and asked the party’s executive committee to publish the total number of members in each campaign. Patrick Brown, who says he has signed up 150,000 members, has been pushing for the same.

Benson, in his statement, said that, consistent with the 2017 and 2020 leadership elections, the party will not confirm transaction figures by individual campaigns.

Five of the six candidates are also pushing for a third official debate before the vote.

The first official debate in English took place on May 11 in Edmonton, Alberta. and the first official debate in French took place on May 25 in Laval, Quebec. The candidates also squared off in an unofficial debate on May 5 hosted by the Canada Strong and Free network.

Benson told that no decision has yet been made on whether to hold another official debate.


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