Conservative candidate threatened with death files complaint

Claiming to be the victim of death threats, a Conservative candidate from Montreal filed a complaint with the police, who arrested an individual.

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The wave of threats and intimidation that strikes the candidates in this election campaign has claimed another victim.

Christos Karteris, who wears the colors of the Conservative Party in Camille-Laurin, in the east of Montreal, arrested the authorities after receiving threats on September 2.

That morning, the ex-restaurateur allegedly first received an email entitled “black marble tomb” to his personal address, which contained three images of coffins.

“It was marked ‘Hello, I hope you are well today’. I froze stiff, ”recalls the man in his forties.

“You’re going to die”

Later that same day, while Mr. Karteris was busy on one of his election signs, a motorist would have stopped to threaten him with death.

“He backed up, he stood opposite me and my tank and he said to me: ‘You’re going to die, my asshole.’ After that, he clicked and he left, ”says the Conservative candidate.

Christos Karteris claims to have jumped into his own truck to catch up with the motorist and write down his license plate.

This last individual would have been arrested by the SQ the day after the event, assures Mr. Karteris. According to our information, the young man was met and then released on a promise to appear.

– With Maude Boutet

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