Congratulations to a woman who is launching a lawsuit and to the police for cleaning up the city

Residents ‘terrified’, survey finds, Oct. 15

The failure of police and municipal authorities, including all levels of government, to put an end to the illegal occupation of Ottawa streets for weeks is baffling to many. A big congratulations to the young woman who knew how to stop the illegal noise and piercing the night that the « freedom convoy » inflicted on many inhabitants.

Zexi Li filed a $9.8 million class action lawsuit, which sought an injunction restraining the defendants, or any other participants in the anti-vaccine convoy protest, from using vehicle horns in the vicinity of downtown. city ​​of Ottawa.

This was granted, and it was the first positive step towards ending the occupation of our capital.

Congratulations also to the combined and disciplined police action that cleared the area without anyone being injured.

Barbara McElgunnScarborough

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