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concern of sleep apnea sufferers, collective action planned

Could we be at the dawn of a “Respiratorgate”? Every evening, 370,000 French people, victims of sleep apnea, likely to cause serious drowsiness and cardiovascular disorders (see elsewhere), entrust their night to an artificial respirator (also called a ventilator).

A machine, which we now know is potentially dangerous to their health, but which cannot be replaced, for lack of an alternative.

Back to June 2021: at this time, the world leader Philips is issuing a massive recall of 5 million devices, designed before April 2021. The respirators, with which it equips 75% of patients, are made of soundproofing foam in polyurethane which, as it degrades, can irritate the skin and the respiratory tract, or even diffuse plastic microparticles.

On its site, the brand also mentions a risk of “inflammatory reaction, headaches, asthma, adverse effects on other organs (eg kidneys and liver) and toxicity and carcinogenic risks”.