Comic misreading misrepresents teens protesting bus fares

Comic Book Script Disrespects Teenagers, Letter, September 23

As a regular reader of « For Better or Worse, » I was quite surprised to see Elizabeth Guthrie’s impassioned criticism of her recent storyline of teenagers staging a protest against bus fares.

I read the strips. His anger is misplaced. Students don’t blindly follow anyone’s anger in search of nothing but excitement, as Guthrie claims.

Some sing or inquire about the issues, while others explain them, but only one teenager among the many featured said, “We’re not talking about the issues here! We are talking about fun! Two tapes later, another teenager asks « Will there be food after? » but that’s after asking what was going on and what the rate hike was.

I participated in dozens of demonstrations; sometimes people ask about food, especially after walking outside in winter. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to portray a teenager who sincerely asks about issues and also questions sustenance while protesting.

I’m puzzled as to how Guthrie concluded that these characters behaved « like truck convoy adults ».

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