Colorado LGBTQ bar shooting: Suspect’s father relieved son isn’t gay

When he learned that his son, Anderson Lee Aldrich, was suspected of being the perpetrator of the shooting that occurred last weekend at an LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs, in the United States, Aaron Brink was scared. Not because her son was involved in a mass shooting, but because it took place at Club Q, a popular queer nightclub.

“Damn, is he gay?” And he’s not gay, so I said, “Phew!” replied the man when asked by CBS 8.

A conservative Republican and proud Mormon, Aaron Brink told the TV station “there were no gays” in his faith.

The 48-year-old man was however shocked when the journalist informed him of the facts related to the shooting, which echoes the massacre in 2016 which claimed the lives of 49 people and injured around 50 others in a box of gay night in Orlando, Florida.

The 22-year-old suspect killed at least five people and injured 18 overnight Saturday-Sunday at a party celebrating Trans Remembrance Day on November 20. Two weapons were found at the scene by the authorities, who arrested the shooter and took him to the hospital.

“There is no excuse for killing people. If you kill people, something is wrong. That’s not the answer,” Brink said.

Violent education

Yet Aaron Brink claims to have taught his son how to fight. “I encouraged him to have violent behavior very early on. I told him it worked. It’s instant and you get immediate results,” said the father, now a mixed martial arts trainer.

In light of the shooting at Club Q, Mr. Brink issued an apology to the families of the victims. “Life is fragile and it has value,” he said, asking them to forgive his son. ” I am sorry [de l’]to have dropped. »

For six years Aaron Brink believed his son was dead. His ex-wife had given him a call to inform him that their son had changed his name to that of Anderson Aldrich before committing suicide. “I mourned his loss,” said the father.

According to his ex-wife, Aaron Brink’s participation in a reality show as well as his career as a pornographic actor would have led their son to change his identity. Mr. Brink has indeed worked in the adult film industry in addition to having participated in mixed martial arts fights.

Six months ago, however, Aaron Brink received a call “from beyond the grave”. His son, finally alive, argued with him on the phone. Then, more news, until Mr. Brink was contacted by his son’s attorneys, who informed him that Anderson Aldrich was involved in a gun attack at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado.

Anderson Lee Aldrich faces five counts of murder and five counts of causing bodily harm in a hate crime targeting a sexual minority.

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