Citizen swearing in support of PQ and QS deputies

In support of the deputies of the Parti Québécois and Québec solidaire who refused to take the oath to King Charles III, the Collective My Oath and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montreal (SSJB) organized a swearing-in ceremony in Montreal on Saturday.

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“It is the people of Quebec who elect their representatives, it is to them and to them alone that their representatives owe fidelity and loyalty. We must put an end to perjury and privileges, ”said Sébastien Ricard, actor, musician and member of the Collective My Oath.

Thus, with the approach of the resumption of parliamentary work, a free, citizen and republican swearing-in took place in Montreal. Remember that it is impossible to sit in the National Assembly without taking the oath to the British crown.

“This monarchical regime is a shameful reminder of Canadian colonial history, to swear allegiance to that is complete nonsense. Quebec is not alone, the will to put an end to the monarchy is very present in the countries of the Commonwealth”, added Marie-Anne Alepin, president of the SSJB of Montreal.

According to a recent Léger poll conducted on behalf of the Journal de Montréal, 81% of Quebecers are not personally attached to the monarchy and 77% find it useless.


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