[Chronique de Michel David] The descent into hell of the PLQ


There was something surreal in hearing Dominique Anglade invite voters disappointed by the CAQ to rally under the Liberal banner. These days, who can want to join the PLQ?

The latest Léger poll was devastating. In the eyes of Quebecers, the PLQ is having the worst campaign, Mme Anglade had the worst debate and she would make the worst opposition leader. Result: the PLQ is the second choice of barely 10% of voters (8% of Francophones).

Everywhere she goes, we recognize the energy that M displays.me Anglade despite adversity. While the face of François Legault betrays his displeasure at the slightest annoyance, the liberal leader gives the impression of descending into hell with a smile.

From the first hours of the campaign, we clearly saw that the famous “liberal machine”, which could get anyone elected, was no more than a shadow of itself. But things took on more of a horror story every day.

Monday, The sun reported the words of the president of the liberal association of Matane-Matapédia, Jean-Noël Barriault, about the one who had been parachuted there and whose candidacy was nearly rejected. Anyway, it was an unnecessary expense, according to him. » I have never met him. He’s not a county activist. He’s an outside guy, he’s a post. To run in Matane-Matapédia against Pascal Bérubé, regardless of party, you have to be whimsical, because he enjoys enormous popularity. Is it deserved? We will say yes. »

This is not very motivating.

* * * * *

Over the past year, the changes in orientation of the QLP have been disconcerting to say the least. The polls and the mood swings of the English-speaking community seemed to be the only common thread.

Mme Anglade surprised again this week by saying that she is open to discussing a reform of the voting system to introduce a proportional element in order to eliminate the major distortions that she observes. However, in a letter addressed to the New Democracy Movement dated September 13, the PLQ was categorically opposed to it. “The PLQ is not proposing a change to our voting system,” it reads.

With 12 days to go before an election that promises to be disastrous, how can we not see pure opportunism in M’s about-face?me England? Having taken full advantage of the current system, the PLQ had refused to sign the cross-party agreement of May 2018 by which the CAQ, the PQ, QS and the Green Party had committed to reforming the voting system.

The Liberals had multiplied their objections to Bill 39 presented by the minister responsible for the reform, Sonia LeBel, and which was finally abandoned, since the CAQ in turn finds advantages in the current system. They criticized the CAQ project for creating a risk of instability, weakening the representation of the regions and creating two categories of deputies. A committee formed by the PLQ proposed instead a preferential voting system.

* * * * *

Mme Anglade had no other choice but to say that she intended to remain leader, regardless of the outcome of the October 3 elections, and that is undoubtedly what she wants. Despite the apprehended losses, it is highly probable that the PLQ will retain its official opposition status, but Mme Anglade will have to fight to keep her position, even if she wins her riding of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne.

No matter how much his bravery is touted, even Liberal voters are unimpressed with his performance. Only 35% of them believe that she leads the best campaign, according to Léger, and barely 13% believe that she won the first debate.

If the PLQ does not succeed in electing enough deputies to form a government, whether majority or minority, the party’s constitution provides that the leader must submit to a vote of confidence at the first convention following the election. ‘election.

From the start, no one in the PLQ expected Mme Anglade brings the party back to power. Everyone should also recognize that she inherited an organization in a deplorable state. The reality remains that the PLQ is heading for the worst defeat in its history, and by far.

If she was elected leader by default two years ago, it’s because no one else wanted to sacrifice themselves for a cause that seemed lost in advance. After two terms and the possible departure of François Legault, the CAQ will be much more vulnerable in 2026. This can only encourage vocations.

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