[Chronique de Michel David] The campaign in 14 questions

Despite the efforts of those who run them, televised debates between party leaders often leave voters unsatisfied. The formula of multiple-choice questions undoubtedly has its limits, but it at least makes it possible to avoid the digressions which have the effect of drowning the fish. Here are some questions inspired by the different programs and the adventures of the first half of the campaign.

1) To François Legault: In terms of health, what promise not kept by your government should inspire the most confidence?

a) the reduction of waiting time in the emergency room

b) reduction of surgical waiting lists

c) access to a family doctor

d) trust Christian Dubé

2) To Dominique Anglade: What measure of your program will best ensure the protection of French?

a) the elimination of the ceiling imposed on the English CEGEP

b) the expansion of Dawson College

c) higher immigration thresholds

d) there is no problem

3) To Éric Duhaime: Which country should Quebec have imitated during the pandemic?

a) the United States

b) Russia

c) Brazil

d) Freedom!

4) To Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: What measure in your program will best protect the less fortunate against the harmful effects of inflation?

a) suspend the QST on a meal at Toqué

b) suspend the QST on a dress signed Versace

c) suspend the QST on the repair of a Ferrari

d) the well-off also have basic needs

5) To Paul St-Pierre Plamondon: Besides holding a referendum, what would be the priority of a PQ government?

a) leave the federation

b) make independence

c) create a country

d) is it clear enough?

6) To François Legault: Would you say that immigrants are…

a) a brood?

b) a plague?

c) a calamity?

d) I meant that…

7) To Dominique Anglade: In your opinion, is François Legault…

a) small?

b) petty?

c) shabby?

d) it is a debate of ideas

8) To Éric Duhaime: Are there any payments that you still thought about making?

a) my contribution to Pierre Poilievre’s campaign

b) my contribution to the Freedom Convoy

c) my Mega Fitness gym membership

d) I like to help my friends

9) To Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: How did your team come to the conclusion that there are 5% “ultra-rich” in Quebec?

a) by mistake

b) by incompetence

c) by ideological bias

d) it is a clear undervaluation

10) To Paul St-Pierre Plamondon: What do you think of the commentators who periodically announce the death of the PQ?

a) they are &$&?%?&

b) I #&Y&?& them

c) they go fuck themselves &@#%!$

d) do you really want to know?

11) To François Legault: If it’s not a tunnel, could the third link be…

a) a bridge?

b) a gateway?

c) a barge?

d) we are waiting for the studies

12) To Dominique Anglade: What harmed the PLQ campaign the most?

a) shortage of candidates

b) the error of 16 billion in the financial framework

c) the preposterous calculations of the ECO project

d) what am I doing on this mess?

13) To Éric Duhaime: What was the worst mistake of the last 60 years?

a) health insurance

b) the Ministry of the Environment

c) early childhood centers

d) the Quiet Revolution

14) To the Five Chiefs: What is your educational priority?

a) Uhhhh…

b) Mmmm…

c) Well…

d) Oops!

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