Chris Cuomo applied to be a Hamptons firefighter after CNN pitched him

Chris Cuomo had short-lived aspirations to extinguish the infernos of real life — not just the media fire facing his disgraced brother, the ex-governor. Andrew Cuomo, according to a new report.

The former CNN host applied to be a volunteer firefighter with the East Hampton Fire Department after the network fired him last December for advising his brother throughout the governor’s sexual harassment scandal, a reported the Daily Beast on Monday.

But the former primetime news anchor ultimately withdrew his candidacy shortly after meeting with fire chiefs earlier this year because he was unable to commit enough of his time to fill the role. , according to the outlet, which cited two sources familiar with the situation.

Cuomo – who at first seemed keen to join the all-volunteer-run fire station – quickly « backed off » at the time commitment, the sources told The Daily Beast.

Six months after being fired from CNN, Cuomo can be seen enjoying a cigar while shaking a felt pen in East Hampton.
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“It’s something that takes a long time. There are monthly meetings and drills and you have to meet a percentage of your calls,” EHFD chief Duane Forrester told the outlet. « That’s why we don’t have a lot of celebrities. »

In March, Cuomo filed a lawsuit seeking a staggering $125 million in damages from CNN for being fired.

He was canned after CNN learned he had used his press connections and background to help defend his embattled older brother, then governor of New York.

Cris Cuomo holding a cup of coffee in East Hampton.
Chris Cuomo over Labor Day weekend having coffee with his friends in East Hampton.
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An investigation by state Attorney General Letitia James found Cuomo helped his brother’s staff dig into the past of a woman who accused the ex-governor of inappropriately touching her .

Cuomo then participated in strategy sessions aimed at helping his brother overcome the sexual harassment scandal that ultimately forced him to quit, according to the inquest.

However, Cuomo stoked the fire when he called his firing « the epitome of hypocrisy » due to the network’s alleged willingness to look the other way when other CNN personalities allegedly violated its journalistic standards.

Chris Cuomo wearing a beanie and walking through East Hampton.
Chris Cuomo seen in East Hampton picking up a Christmas tree in East Hampton over the Thanksgiving holiday.
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The ousted cable news anchor recently made headlines when he ended a seven-month hiatus from Instagram to post dispatches from war-torn Ukraine, tease an upcoming project, market a product line « Free Agent » and sharing photos of himself fishing with his zero hero brother Andrew Cuomo.


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