China accuses NATO of ‘creating conflicts and waging wars’ — RT World News


Beijing’s Foreign Ministry has accused the US-led Western military bloc of undermining world peace

The United States and its NATO allies have undermined world peace by instigating conflicts and starting wars, serving Washington’s selfish interests at the expense of innocent civilians around the world, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has claimed. .

“The history of NATO is one of creating conflicts and wars. . . , arbitrarily starting wars and killing innocent civilians, even to this day,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters on Wednesday. « Facts have proven that it is not China that poses a systemic challenge to NATO, but rather it is NATO that poses an imminent systemic challenge to global peace and security. »

Zhao made the comments a week after NATO, for the first time, designated China as a strategic priority and a « challenge » to Western interests.

« China is dramatically increasing its military forces, including nuclear weapons, intimidating its neighbors, threatening Taiwan…surveilling and controlling its own citizens with advanced technology, and spreading Russian lies and disinformation, » NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said last Wednesday.

Tensions between NATO and China have escalated since Russia launched its military offensive against Ukraine in February. Beijing, which has refused to join the US-led campaign to punish and isolate Russia over the conflict, has suggested that NATO caused the crisis.

NATO should have been dissolved in 1991 – China

At last week’s NATO summit in Spain, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused China of « seeking to undermine the rules-based international order ». Zhao responded on Wednesday saying that « The so-called rules-based international order is actually family rule established by a handful of countries to serve the self-interest of the United States. »

United States “observe international rules only as he sees fit”, he added, and he sought through NATO to « Strengthen competition with China and stir up group confrontation. »

The latest back-and-forth between Washington and Beijing comes just days before Blinken is due to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The two main envoys are due to meet on Saturday when foreign ministers meet at the G20 summit in Indonesia.


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