Children’s artwork from The Creek Project will be showcased in Sudbury

Children in Greater Sudbury have created works of art related to the environment, some of which will become marketing posters.

This is part of Tiny Traces along Junction Creek – a project between the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee and Early Childhood Creative Collaboration. It was funded by Healthy Communities Canada.

« A project we designed to enliven the spaces along the creek and respond to the challenges that COVID has presented to children and families, » said program coordinator Sophie Edwards.

« We wanted to find a way to connect kids to the outdoors in a way that was engaging and that could provide educational opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available. »

Creativity boxes were set up along the creek, which contained art materials and seasonal guides created by Edwards, who was also the artist-in-residence for the project.

Children from nearby daycares and schools walked along the creek asking questions and creating art.

A young boy creates art from his time along a creek in Greater Sudbury as part of the Tiny Traces along Junction Creek project. Some of the illustrations are now used in marketing posters. (Provided by Early Childhood Creative Collaborations)

“They look at all of these details and they have a love for the creek and a love for nature that is really important,” Edwards said. « They express that in their drawings and in what they say. »

“We help them learn more about the ecosystems that interest them,” she added.

Edwards remembers the children commenting on insects and creatures, sounds and the flow of water. Most of the children were between four and six years old.

The wonderful thing about children this age is that they are so sensitive to the world around them and the environment.– Sharon Speirs, Co-Chair of Early Years Creative Collaborations

“The wonderful thing about kids this age is that they are so sensitive to the world around them and the environment, and they already have an affinity for the outdoors,” said Sharon Speirs, co-chair of the Early Childhood Creative Collaboration.

« Their insights are really, really interesting and sometimes really take us to the heart of things, things that maybe we miss as adults. We either get used to something or we just don’t pay the same kind of attention. “, she said.

A poster of a child's drawing of pink tulips.
Fourteen large artwork posters from the Tiny Traces along Junction Creek project will be installed as bus shelters in Greater Sudbury. Other small posters will be installed in the windows this fall. (Provided by Early Childhood Creative Collaborations)

A total of 14 large artwork posters will be displayed in bus shelters across Greater Sudbury. Other smaller posters will be placed in various display cases later this fall.

« So a lot of what you’ll see displayed on the posters going up is the thinking of young children, » Speirs said.

“In the posters, we really tried to make visible the kind of thinking and connection that children have and to inspire other people, to inspire the community to value this kind of connection that children make with the creek. “, said Edwards.

« We hope this will make everyone more aware of Junction Creek, its beauty and its importance to Sudbury, » added Speirs.


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