‘Chaos costs, conflict’: Notley says UCP leader unaware of Alberta concerns


EDMONTON — Alberta’s opposition leader says the province is set to experience more chaos, cost and conflict following Danielle Smith’s victory in the United Conservative Party leadership race last night.

After Smith won the leadership last night in a narrow six-ballot victory, the NDP’s Rachel Notley said the party would continue to be eaten up with infighting instead of day-to-day issues like the cost of living .

Notley says Smith, who has yet to face general voters, lacks the mandate to push through some of the measures she campaigned on, like the sovereignty bill.

She chastised Smith for being afraid to run in an already open Calgary riding and called on her to declare a by-election in that riding as soon as possible.

Notley says his party is focused on things that Albertans really care about, like the high cost of living.

She says her party is ready for an election at any time.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on October 7, 2022.

The Canadian Press


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