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CH as in CHantal MaCHabée

What a daring decision by Geoff Molson to seek Chantal Machabée by giving her “carte blanche” and, on the part of the latter, what courage to have dared to say yes to such a demanding role!

Chantal Machabée is only 57 years old, but her career in sports journalism has lasted for about 33 years! And as luck would have it, 33 is the number for you know who …

I listened to Ms. Machabée in an interview recently pay tribute to Guy Lafleur whose perseverance, in all trials, inspires him. She touched me while talking about her idol. Hence my idea of ​​this column of suggestions to give character to the Canadian.

Sacred hockey

The Bell Center should not be a vulgar “joke”. Magnified by our Glorious, this amphitheater should no longer be a center for early childhood with cartoons and infantile sound effects. There are surely Quebec directors, a Robert Lepage for example, who would know how to bring the world back to the hockey mass as at the time when the Canadian won the cup in a forum which was also a temple!

The repentant Logan Mailloux should be sent forthwith to Berlitz to reclaim the language of his ancestors … like all those who will wear the sweater with the C.

Music library

If Loco Locass was able to write hockey songs that have remained very well known … why was this experience not repeated with the same artists or with others? I’m talking about catchy crowd pieces that the Canadian could commission from new singers every year. What good is the use of ape the rest of America?

Another strong symbol: the blue fleur-de-lis. To show the Montreal Canadiens that they belong to the world, why not take inspiration from the Montreal Alouettes’ good idea of ​​including the Quebec flag on the helmet?