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CF Montreal: Wilfried Nancy is feverish

CF Montreal head coach Wilfried Nancy spoke to the media for the first time since the team began training camp today.

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While he acknowledges that the break was mentally beneficial, it was not entirely calm.

“It did me good to cut. I cut so well that I had COVID, but everything was fine, I had no symptoms. “

At the same time, he admitted that the brain never goes completely on the back burner and that he still thought about his team during his holidays.


Nancy recognizes that the context is entirely different this year as she is in charge from the start.

“Nothing is the same so we’ll have to adjust. The road will be long and for the moment everything is consistent. “

He admits that he anticipates the first outings of his team from mid-February.

“I am excited to play in the Champions League because it is a privilege that is not granted to all teams.

“We want to go as far as possible, which will give us a good start to the season. “

Nancy was reminded that she only has one month to prepare her squad before the Champions League quarter-final first leg against Santos Laguna.

“Everything is OK, I played in Europe and we don’t have a lot of vacations. Having five to six weeks of preparation is good, there is no problem, ”he said.

He also maintained that his players returned to good form at the start of the week, the famous beep test confirming it.

“The players arrived with the desire to come back and smiling. They did a physical test that I’m not too fond of, but the goal is to find out where they stand. I am satisfied with what I saw today. “

It was Mathieu Choinière who was the last man standing in this test where the players have to run while arriving next to the posts at the same time as a beep, the speed increasing over the minutes.

Young team

Once again, and as is the philosophy put in place in recent years, Nancy finds herself with a young team, even younger than last year.

But he does not hope for the arrival of a veteran to compensate for the loss of experienced players, like Rudy Camacho for example.

“I am not looking,” he insisted.

“I’m not hiding that last year, if we had had a more experienced core, we would have made the playoffs because we lost several points here and there. Having experienced that with young players, it allowed us to win the Canada Cup. “


There was also talk of the attack which needs to be more precise in its game.

“Romell [Quioto] and mason [Toye] will be able to help us score goals. But there are other players. “

Nancy indicated that in addition to goals from Quioto (8) and Toye (7), the rest of the attack should be able to contribute by making corrections.

“Last year we were very interesting attacking the penalty area, but we missed some easy goals. It’s not a matter of aggression, it’s a matter of doing the right thing at the right time. “


Defensively, Nancy has admitted that he has coveted Alistair Johnston for a while.

“He interests me because I can use him in two positions. I can use it in a three-way defense or a four-way defense. “

“He will bring us his experience and he was in a team that likes to defend and that will reflect on the team, he has a natural leadership in relation to that. ”

Life without Rudy Camacho

There has been a downsizing in the workforce of CF Montreal and it is in central defense that it is most obvious, with the departures of Kiki Struna, but especially Rudy Camacho.

The French full-back had an excellent season last year, the last of a four-man contract that was not followed up for financial reasons.

Wilfried Nancy insisted that the loss was not catastrophic and that there was something to replace Camacho.

“We have Robert [Thorkelsson], Joel [Waterman] and Gaby [Corbo]. It’s up to me to find the right associations. We must not forget that Rudy had a good year last year, but he had been at the club for four years.

“We’re going to do as I usually do. Last year, it was not planned that we play so often with five and we have events in that sense.

We will try and time will tell us if we will continue to play like this. “

Same, not the same

It is especially the leadership of the French central that could be missing from the team, but the team is counting on a young veteran, in Kamal Miller, who could ensure the continuation.

“He can be the general, but not in the same way,” argues Nancy of the 24-year-old Canadian. He brings his leadership to defensive interventions and his ability to like to defend.

“When I see him last year when he arrived and how he is now when he starts training, you can see that he appreciates his situation. “

The head coach recalled that the emergence of Miller with the team and within the Canadian selection surprised everyone a little and shows his desire to succeed.

“It was not expected that he would be dominant like that, but that means that he has progressed and that he adheres to the project. I’m not looking for another Rudy Camacho, I’m looking for a player who will help us behind. “

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