Cecelia Strachan identified as victim in fatal Christmas Day crash

A woman who was killed in a crash on Christmas Day in west Edmonton has been identified as a 22-year-old who was excited about what was to come in the new year.

Cecelia Strachan was hit by a vehicle as she crossed 95th Avenue west of 170th Street around 10:30 p.m., her mother Beryl Strachan confirmed to CTV News Edmonton on Friday.

According to police, she died of her injuries in hospital.

When asked how she described her daughter, Strahcan replied, « How do you cram 22 into a sentence? She was dynamic. »

Cece, as her mother called her, was also musically gifted: she played the guitar and loved to sing and dance. She was also a very talented artist, whether it was with pencil or makeup, said Beryl Strachan.

« She could do anything with makeup on someone’s face. It didn’t matter what they wanted. »

Cece was planning to move in with a friend and find a job in the new year. She also wanted to go to cosmetology school.

« So we were looking at pamphlets about it. We just talked about everything and nothing. About life in general and how sometimes it sucked and sometimes it was good, » Strachan said.

Police woke the retired mother around 3am on Monday to tell her about the fatal accident.

Strachan says she spoke to Cecelia about an hour before she was killed, as Cece was leaving a Christmas dinner.

It is not believed that she was in a crosswalk when she was hit.

Investigators said the driver was cooperating and Strachan wished him peace, as she believes it was an accident.

« My thoughts and prayers are with the driver and his family. Because he – thank God – stayed and phoned. He’s destroyed by this. He’s taking it badly. His family too, just like us, » said Strachan.

Mom finds her own peace in memories. As a little girl, Cece liked to say that she was going to marry the family dog, a Bernese mongrel giant named Sadie. One day, when she was around five years old, Cece came out of her bedroom wearing a dress – but she wasn’t the only one dressed.

« The dog came out of her room and she had taken a Halloween costume that we had of a bride and she dressed the fucking dog up in this dress and she had it on with a veil, » Strachan recalled. « Cece said, ‘Today is our wedding day. We’re getting married, mom.’ So we think about it and we laugh about it. »

Strachan said her daughter grew up to be a generously kind and loving person – someone who was not deterred from sharing her love freely.

« She was very verbal in her love and caring. She was that way with her friends too. But she was naïve in some ways, and sometimes people took advantage of that, » Strachan said.

« She wore her heart on her sleeve. She always tried to help everyone. »

The family is fundraising to cover funeral expenses.


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