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Castonguay’s candidacy “opens doors”

Regardless of whether or not she will become the next general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Quebecer Émilie Castonguay has already contributed to the advancement of women in the world of professional hockey.

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“I also saw her name pass among the candidates on social networks. It made me laugh, but it made me especially very proud, said in an interview the hockey player Marie-Philip Poulin, who relies on the services of Castonguay as an agent. She is currently opening doors for other girls. ”

Without knowing what the future holds for Émilie Castonguay, Poulin is full of praise for his agent who, at 38, is vice-president and director of legal affairs at Momentum Hockey.

“Since we’ve been together, it’s incredible how much she has been able to do for me and my family,” Poulin said, praising her human approach. She is a woman who has “drive” and who is determined. “

In the next week?

Even if the Canadian ends up preferring Mathieu Darche, Patrick Roy or another man for the role of GM, Castonguay’s candidacy will have been considered, which is already a huge step forward. In the event of such an outcome, Poulin will retain the services of an agent at a minimum, whom she will not trade for anyone.

Regarding the appointment of the next general manager of the Montreal club, it should be announced by the end of January, possibly by the end of next week.

A prominent athlete

In the meantime, Marie-Philip Poulin has kept herself busy as a proud ambassador for women’s hockey. Between two training sessions in Calgary, she is one of those athletes who will be the most visible on the sidelines of the Olympic Games. If this interview was granted as part of the Egg Farmers of Canada’s “J’craque pour toi mon coco” campaign, it is also possible to see him in advertisements for Tim Hortons hockey cards, between others.

“I associate with companies with the same values ​​as me,” she said, noting the importance of good nutrition. I will not change to please a company. Especially in an Olympic year like this, we have the chance to inspire a next generation and for me, that is very important. ”

For breakfast that morning, Poulin had eaten two soft-boiled eggs … A champion’s lunch, we could conclude.