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Caroline Bouchard goes from Morency to Bienvenu

Before finding the only Judith Morency, an eco-friendly woman committed to success Discussions with my parents for the fifth season scheduled for the fall, Caroline Bouchard joins a new TV family, that of Bienvenu, which will star in the youth comedy Welcome… or almost!soon to be offered on’s Extra.

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The actress was greatly motivated by the idea of ​​being able to work again on a youth project after having completed her participation in the meeting. Hello Pierre-L’Eau and the current affairs web series The world is small, several years ago already.

Quite a shock!

She therefore accepted the role of Pascale Bienvenu, vice-director of a museum who never wanted children and who leads a calm and satisfying existence. She is fulfilled and in control of her life, at least until her sister Myriam (played by Catherine Allard), the complete opposite of her, leaves her four children at her doorstep, without any explanation.

“It will be a total shock,” said Caroline Bouchard. Her perfect, orderly life will go up in smoke and give way to an improvised, disordered life, to which she will have great difficulty adapting. »

Although the premise of this story is far from rosy, it is easy to see the smiles and laughter it will elicit. Where things could have gone wrong and where the story could easily have foundered, there are rather unifying elements.

“It is a dramatic plot: these are children who are abandoned by their mother, even if it is temporarily, underlines the main interested party. But the children have a lot of solidarity between them and there is a lot of love. And it’s handled with humor. »

A rich adventure

These children are Philippe Scrive, Samuel Létourneau, Charlie Pierre and Lily-Rose Loyer, young people who stimulated Caroline Bouchard on the set last fall.

” [De jouer avec eux], it puts you completely in the present moment. You are less in your head. As an actor, we can leave in our head, but there you play with them and you adapt. It is very enriching. »

With playing partners who do not yet have the experience she has acquired in front of the cameras, but also on the boards, Caroline Bouchard could have been brought to transform herself into a mentor. However, she preferred to build a relationship of equals.

“I didn’t put that pressure on myself. Even though I was defending an important role, I tried not to leave thinking that I have to be [quelqu’un de précis]… I didn’t want to force anything. I let things flow. “Alongside the actress has also evolved Benoit Drouin-Germain, her “unofficial lover” as she likes to call him throughout the series.

The novelty Welcome… or almost! will be unveiled on April 26 on Extra. The next episodes of Discussions with my parents will be filmed from May for a broadcast that will begin in September on ICI Télé.