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Since 1964, Cascades has offered sustainable, innovative and value-creating solutions in terms of packaging, hygiene and recovery. However, it is particularly the lasting relationships it maintains with its stunt performers that rank the company among the 100 best employers in Canada.

At Cascades, we respect nature, but above all we respect that of our 10,000 talents. What we want is to offer the Cascadeurs and Cascadeuses the opportunity to be themselves in an environment centered on the human, the confidence and the pride to be naturally engaged. See how these values ​​are embodied in Pia-Maria’s DNA!

The nature of Pia-Maria

A graduate in pure sciences, then a student of engineering, Pia-Maria was looking for a field that would manage to make her great creative side vibrate, until she discovered computer graphics and graphic design. In 1998, with a wealth of varied training in hand, the young woman took root in the Victoriaville region where she began looking for a job despite some apprehension. It must be said that at that time, diversity was much less topical than today and that the difference could be a source of fear for some employers.

However, when Pia-Maria applied as a technical designer at Cascades Containerboard Packaging in Victoriaville, she was welcomed with open arms!

As soon as I joined Cascades, people trusted me and my opinion was taken into consideration, even though I had very little experience. This developed my self-confidence a lot and I was able to take on bigger and bigger challenges!

Pia-Maria, technical designer at Cascades Containerboard Packaging in Victoriaville

Having always been a woman driven by action, Pia-Maria seized several opportunities during her career that allowed her to increase her knowledge and implement her creativity. For example, when she started on the display development team, she offered to help with occasional replacements in lamination and estimating positions. This allowed him to add more strings to his bow and to understand the internal processes more globally. When the time came for the digital shift, she was also the first Cascadeuse to get involved and take charge of the development of a new digital service in Victoriaville.

This year, as she celebrates her 49th birthday and 24 great years of career with us, we are proud to offer Pia-Maria a more specialized position in representation, a whole new challenge for her hitherto more technical career.

« What I can take away from my journey », adds Pia-Maria, « is that we don’t always know where the road will take us… But when we are well respected and understood, we can take unexpected paths in knowing that we will always be supported! »

Respect your nature, with us

Currently, more than 500 career opportunities are offered through our 80 business units in North America, and the positions are as varied as they are competitive! From engineering to production positions to marketing, everyone finds their place with us.

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