Cardi B Shares Cute Video of Daughter Kulture Singing Lady Gaga’s « Bad Romance »

By Brent Furdyk.

Cardi B’s daughter seems to be following in her famous mom’s footsteps.

That conclusion can be drawn from an adorable video the rapper shared on Instagram Stories, in which 4-year-old Kulture tells her mom she wants to sing « the rah-rah song. »

« How’s the ra-ra song going? » Cardi asks, with Kulture responding by singing the opening notes to Lady Gaga’s « Bad Romance. »

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« Rah, rah-ah-ah-ah, roma, roma-ma, gaga, ooh-la-la, » she sings, smiling broadly when she’s finished.

« My baby is so pretty, » Cardi wrote in her post.

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