candidates will keep the best

Apologies from the rectorate of the Lyon Academy and the assurance of keeping the best grade!

Candidates for the French baccalaureate, who had lost a point between the results displayed in the morning and those in the evening, are reassured. The authorities of National Education have just written to them to tell them that they will keep the best oral score, between the two, which have successively been posted on the official site.

This ball had generated a lot of excitement in the families of a few hundred students of first, in the academy of Lyon (Ain, Rhône, Loire). They had, in fact, discovered that their note displayed in the morning had been modified in the evening. Stupor and tremors for the students whose grade had been lowered… Joy for the others who, of course, remained more discreet.

Many revolted parents

Many parents had then taken steps with the authorities of National Education, revolted by the “injustice” done to their children, invoking transparency.

As we explained in our July 13 issue, these routine rating adjustments aren’t unusual, but they’ve been more noticeable this year.

In any case, more fortunate than Kafka’s characters in the face of the administration, the families won their case. “In order to correct this display error, you will retain the benefit of the better of the two ratings displayed on July 11,” the rectorate wrote to them.


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