Candidates from Rosemont debate at Jean-Eudes College

On September 21, the students of Collège Jean-Eudes held their first provincial debate by inviting the candidates for the elections of the five main parties in the riding of Rosemont: Pierre-Luc Brillant (Parti québécois), Sherlyne Duverneau (Liberal Party of Quebec) , Marie-France Lemay (Conservative Party of Quebec) and Vincent Marissal (Québec solidaire). Sandra O’Connor, candidate for the Coalition Avenir Québec, declined the invitation.

Michel Demers, social universe teacher, organized and moderated this debate. A student committee from the College was also present to discuss topics close to their hearts, such as the environment, the green economy, education and social inequalities.

“To have informed and engaged citizens, you have to make them aware of politics early on. This is how we are on our 3e political debate since 2019, ”said Dominic Blanchette, director general of Collège Jean-Eudes, in a press release.

Students also have access to political awareness projects in class, organized by the College’s Department of Social Sciences, in order to train them in this area.


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