Canceled or not in 2023?

bullying at Double occupationthe takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk and the new escapades of Kanye… Metro rewatched the movie of the year 2022 to try to guess what will be canceled next year. Our columnists Judith Lussier, Frédéric Bérard and Xavier Watso give us their predictions…

The time change

The question of the end of the time change has been raised for quite a while, but whether in Canada or in Europe, the countries that are interested in it are not yet taken action. Will it be canceled in 2023?

Xavier Watson: Seems like 10 years we’ve been talking about cancel the time change. For real, it’s made a same

Judith Lussier: Can’t be more canceled. There is NO reason to inflict a sunset at 3:00 in the afternoon. People who like the sun to rise earlier in the morning, you are psychopaths. The future is yours so be patient with the rest!

Frederic Berard: Not canceled. It’s good business to ‘follow the sun’, I would say, especially when the sun also finds itself in a labor shortage.


The strong abstention observed, once again, during the provincial elections is only one symptom: the right to vote is not cherished by all, far from it. Especially since the Quebec electoral system is considered unrepresentative by a growing part of the population. Next year, it’s time for the federal election. So, voting, is it canceled in 2023?

Xavier Watson: As much as I understand abstentionists and anarchists, I believe that in our system, we cannot cancel the vote… Maybe when the boomers are gone, we can cancelso within 5-10 years hahaha!

Judith Lussier: Not canceled. I understand those who decide to abandon an electoral system they deem unfair, but that’s all the boomers are waiting for, that the young wokes are so woke that they desert the polls, letting them re-elect the CAQ without any resistance. for the next ten years.

Frederic Berard: Not canceled. The only promising solution: continue to vote, ideally for a party that promises mixed proportional representation. Like the PQ of 76, Trudeau 2015 and the… CAQ of 2018. As Coluche said: if voting really served a purpose, it would have been abolished for a long time.

Have a Twitter account

Elon Musk, who considers himself a « free speech absolutist », took control of Twitter on October 28. Fears related to the appearance of hate speech or calls for violence have led users and advertisers to question the use of the platform. So Twitter, is it canceled in 2023?

Xavier Watson: Yé where the emoji man vomited? Musk lives his era of Lex Luthor and is completely crazy. Stay away from anything he touches.

Judith Lussier: Not canceled. As a journalist, I have always been told that you have to vary your sources of information to understand the society in which you live. You can boycott Twitter to challenge the ideology its new owner wants to push, but you can’t completely ignore the medium’s existence.

Frederic Berard: Cancelled. Orwell foresaw that a few overly wealthy megalomaniacs would come to control the sole sources of information. We got there. It remains to be seen if we play the game, again, of the psychopathic Musk, a guy born on third base who thinks he hit a triple…

Have children

Climate change and galloping inflation are enough to make you think twice before embarking on family life. Are we witnessing the end of the traditionalism in Western societies? Having children, is it canceled in 2023?

Xavier Watson: It’s honestly selfish to have kids in 2022. These kids are coming to a world on fire and increasingly unequal. But at the same time, no decision is ethical in a capitalist world, so do what you want…

Judith Lussier: It depends. We can choose not to have children for environmental reasons, it’s 100% legitimate. But I’ve seen people object to queer people having kids because in some way they were ‘creating’ a human being that ‘wouldn’t have existed by accident’ and wow, line between environmentalism and homophobia was quickly crossed! You may decide not to have children for environmental reasons, but don’t think you’re a saint or should be awarded a medal, and leave those who want children alone.

Frederic Berard: Heartbreaking question. My 21-year-old daughter already informed me, some time ago, of her refusal to have one, because of the impending disaster. As much as it breaks my heart, this well-founded despair, the more I understand it. Unless, of course, you want to make birth a purely subversive act. To be continued.

Kanye West

“We have to stop insulting the Nazis all the time. […] I love Nazis.” Controversial regular Kanye West crossed a line by saying « [voir] positive things in Hitler » during an interview on the show InfoWars. Ye is it canceled in 2023?

Xavier Watson: Yitler is 10000% canceled! Someone who says he loves Hitler and calls himself a Nazi can no longer have a platform.

Judith Lussier: We give him help and we stop feeding the media circus with his mental disorders. If one wants to cancel someone, let’s cancel the media that fuel its megalomania.

Frederic Berard: No idea of ​​this bachi-bouzouk, except this: if the guy suffers from mental health issues, it may be a good idea to let go of his sneakers, mediatically and collectively speaking.

Go to work or go to school sick

Before the pandemic, it often happened that people went to work sick, so as not to exhaust their bank of sick days too quickly, or because of production imperatives. In 2023, is it canceledgo to work or school sick?

Xavier Watson: I think the question is badly worded. It’s the bosses who force sick employees back in who should be canceled! Nobody comes to work sick by choice….

Judith Lussier: Cancelled.

Frederic Berard: Cancelled.Seriously, there.

Bullying on the air

The reality show Double occupation made a lot of noise this year, especially after scenes showing intimidation between candidates were broadcast… The flood of negative reactions prompted Noovo’s production to exclude participants. So, in 2023, is it canceledbullying on the air?

Xavier Watson: Hmm… If I want to be invited back to The day is still young, I should put this one in yellow… lol! Well no, for real, how not cancel bullying… These behaviors need to change.

Judith Lussier: Not canceled. Very disappointed with our collective behavior regarding bullies in OD. Personally, I prefer that we show violent behavior on the air, so that we can put it into context, discuss it, and come out of it as a society. I think it’s really babyish that we just erased stuff/people that some people didn’t want to see, and sponsors claimed to find offensive.

Frederic Berard: Canceled. I think it’s time to shut down the internet. And the rest, in fact.

In light of the divided opinions of our columnists, let’s keep in mind that cancellations in 2023 will still be a matter of discussion. (Except for voting. They really want you to vote in the next federal election.)


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