Canada’s handgun ban won’t affect violent crime, expert says

Since last Friday, the federal government has frozen the sale, purchase and transfer of handguns. Make it illegal to buy a handgun of any kind, unless it is “exempt”.

The decision was made in Ottawa to help limit access to guns and address gun violence across the country.

But a crime expert doesn’t believe the government has tackled the real problem of gun crime and, in turn, targeted the wrong group.

« We don’t have law abiding licensed citizens shooting people, the crime that exists is the use of illegal weapons – and I don’t think this is the right step, » said Karen Reid-Sidhu , executive director of Surrey Crime. Prevention Society.

“I know a lot of people who are licensed to carry handguns who use them for a sport. Why are we taking that away from people? Why don’t we look at the real problem here? »

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According to the government, there are a few exemptions, including for people who already have permission from the Canadian Firearms Program to carry handguns.

Also exempt are individuals who train, compete or coach in a handgun shooting discipline that is part of the International Olympic Committee or International Paralympic Committee.

Reid-Sidhu believes that strengthening law enforcement at our borders and in our ports is what the government needs to focus on.

“The majority of crimes that occur in Canada are caused by illegal weapons crossing our borders,” she added.

“If you think about the lack of enforcement in Canada with our borders and our ports, there needs to be a change and a focus in that area to enforce those measures. With the availability of firearms in the United States coming into Canada, with no resources at the borders, we’re not going to catch many,” she said.

Reid-Sidhu says these new measures are unlikely to actually make a difference.

« I don’t think it will have any impact on the crime that is happening in Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency seized 1,203 firearms in 2021, according to its website.


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