Canada-US border: pressure on Ottawa to eliminate ArriveCan


WASHINGTON — In the United States, elected officials and organizations are increasing pressure on the federal government to reduce travel delays between the United States and Canada.

The Canadian American Business Council’s (CABC) new campaign, « Travel Like It’s 2019, » aims to inundate MPs with calls to action.

She is calling on Ottawa to scrap the controversial ArriveCan app, a mandatory screening tool for people arriving in Canada.

The CABC also wants the federal government to eliminate the backlog of 350,000 applications to join the NEXUS program, making it possible to speed up the passage of travelers at the Canada-US border.

According to the organization’s president and CEO, Maryscott Greenwood, Canadians have sent nearly 1,500 emails to MPs through since the campaign launched earlier this month.

Prominent members of Congress like Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican, and Democrat Brian Higgins are also urging officials on both sides of the border to act.


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