Canada Post: Singh calls on Trudeau to scrap fuel surcharges

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to intervene to get Canada Post to remove its fuel surcharge on deliveries during the upcoming peak holiday season.

To help cover rising costs, Canada Post announced in September that it would adjust its longstanding fuel surcharge on shipping rates weekly, based on the price of diesel.

As of Nov. 28, Canada Post is currently charging a 39.5% surcharge for domestic services, after diesel hit nearly $2.30 a liter earlier this month.

Singh told reporters on Tuesday that the Prime Minister should take into account increases in the cost of living for Canadians and questioned whether the federal government had approved Canada Post’s decision to impose a nearly 40% surcharge.

« It’s going to cost more for families to send packages or deliver to loved ones during the holiday season, » Singh said. « Serious questions are being raised as to whether the Liberal government and the Prime Minister have considered the impact this increased surtax would have on Canadians and have considered ways to mitigate it. »

Singh called the surcharge an « abuse, » while appearing to suggest that the federal government order the state-owned company to drop the policy during the busy holiday season.

Canada Post spokesperson Valérie Chartrand wrote in an email to that the fuel surcharge is based on the average price of diesel in Canada as measured by an independent company, and Canada Post understands « the impact that it can have on customers”.

“Due to fluctuating fuel prices and their significant impact on operating costs, fuel surcharges are applied year-round as standard industry practice for parcel shippers,” Chartrand wrote. “As Canada Post manages the largest transportation network in Canada, with thousands of vehicles in our fleet, this has been part of our standard practice for almost 20 years.

Public Services and Procurement Minister Helena Jaczek addressed the policy during Question Period on Tuesday, saying, “Canada Post Corporation operates at arm’s length from government.

“But we have regular conversations with Canada Post regarding their initiatives, we are monitoring this very closely. I am in communication with this council and I am committed… to helping to continue this type of conversation.


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