Canada leads G7 in number of working-age university and college graduates: census

Canada has more working-age college or university graduates than any other G7 country thanks to more adults studying for degrees and a steady influx of highly educated immigrants, according to data from the recently published census.

Among working-age Canadians between the ages of 25 and 64, about 57.5% have a university or college degree, the highest rate in the G7.

Data released as part of the 2021 census indicates that the ranking is due in part to the fact that one in four working-age Canadians has a college degree or certificate.

In terms of the percentage of working-age Canadians with a university degree, Canada ranks fourth in the G7 at 32.9%, after the United Kingdom at 41.3%, the United States at 39 .5% and Japan at 34.2%. hundred.

The census also indicates that while the population is relatively well educated, failing to recognize the qualifications of foreign-trained workers « leaves talent on the table ».

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