Canada imposes new sanctions on Russia


OTTAWA — Canada will impose new sanctions against Russia that include targeting 43 military personnel « accomplices in the senseless bloodshed of Russian President Vladimir Putin » in Ukraine.

Global Affairs Canada made the announcement Tuesday in a press release, stating that 17 entities are also targeted by these new measures.

The sanctions announced are intended, among other things, to crack down on those responsible for the “horrible events in Boutcha”, it is specified.

Ottawa has sanctioned more than 1,150 individuals and entities since the start of the Russian invasion, according to federal government information.

Measures had already been taken since the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Taking these into account, a total of more than 1,600 individuals and entities are subject to Canadian sanctions.

« We will not allow Vladimir Putin and his accomplices to act with impunity, » Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly said in a statement. She assured in the same breath that Canada continued to work in collaboration with its allies to stand up to Moscow.


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