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Can you hear the CAQ balloon deflate?

Can you hear the CAQ balloon deflate?

François Legault, with his team which is far from being that of Thunder, came to power three years ago with his chest bulging like a balloon which, now with a hole, is deflating… Pff! Can you hear the air coming out?

On the eve of the elections, the downward slope is beginning to be slippery in the polls for Mr. Legault’s party… No one imagines that there will be a sudden slide between now and the vote, but the decline has begun.

The only strength of this party, which so disappoints its natural voters, lies in the completely crazy division of the opposition parties… now four in number with the arrival of the conservatives who join the other “ti-counes” that are the PQ , QS and the QLP!


This government which announced so many reforms to us under the banner of pride got entangled in its own contradictions. We know that the pandemic has not helped.

Among these so-called identity reforms, there was that of Law 96, where the government was too modest, but firm. However, the tide turned when a certain Simon Jolin-Barrette spoke of a strong law 101.

Since that time, no one in this party has talked about it.

Say “Law 101” in a CAQ rally and you’ll hear a pin drop.

In this newspaper, the day before yesterday, CEGEP professors sounded the alarm about the galloping anglicization of post-secondary studies and, in a letter, a young university student called Minister Jean-François Roberge to order.


If there is no black sheep at the CAQ to bleat the forgotten truths, please let us hope for a burst from the scattered opposition to come and make the necessary noise and ask this little provincial government why it is paying hundreds of million at Dawson and McGill.

And why he refuses law 101 in cegep!

Clearly, the CAQ herd is too docile.