Call from Héma-Québec for blood donations because the reserves are currently low

MONTREAL — The blood supply is currently low in Quebec, prompting Héma-Québec to issue an urgent appeal to blood donors.

The agency, whose mission is to meet the needs of the Quebec population for blood and other biological products of human origin, said on Wednesday that to meet the needs of hospitals, it will have to collect 500 more donations each week over the next few weeks. , as a seventh wave of COVID-19 infections emerges.

The needs concern all blood groups, and more particularly O Rh negative, A Rh positive and A Rh negative.

Héma-Québec recalls that each blood donation can save three lives.

In summer, it is always difficult to maintain the blood supply optimally. In order to face the constraints linked to the pandemic and the summer holidays, the agency affirms that making an appointment remains the best way to properly plan a blood donation.

Héma-Québec asks donors to respect this appointment and, in the event of a setback, to take the time to cancel it in order to leave the time slots available for other donors.

Héma-Québec invites Quebecers to make an appointment on its website or by calling 1 800 343-7264.

Last October, the organization indicated that it had to deal with both an increased demand for blood products and a slowdown in appointment scheduling, which prompted it to issue an appeal to the public. He said he needed to collect 400 more blood donations every day for two weeks to keep the blood supply at its optimal level.


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