Calgary organization appeals for back-to-school help by providing meals to children – Calgary


High inflation in Canada makes school meals a daunting challenge for many Calgary families.

An organization that provides thousands of meals every day is appealing for help to feed these children.

Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) agency is now feeding more children than ever since it began providing school meals in 2005.

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BB4CK provides 5,400 lunches each day at 220 Calgary schools, a 20% increase since September 2021.

« For some kids, this may be the only meal they get all day, » said BB4CK volunteer Marilyn Jorgensen.

« There is a huge need to make sure these children have food. »

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Jorgensen was among several volunteers who prepared lunches Tuesday at BB4CK’s headquarters, trying to prevent problems that arise when young students don’t eat enough.

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« They can’t do their homework very well, they can’t remember as well, they can’t concentrate as well, » said volunteer Maggie Jegen.

« It’s harder to learn. »

Several factors contribute to the growing demand for BB4CK’s services.

« Inflation – costs are rising, » Jorgensen said.

« We have a lot of people who during COVID have lost their jobs, so they’re living on very limited income right now. »

And it’s not just learning that suffers when there’s not enough money for groceries – children suffer in other ways too.

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« If you’re the only third-grader not having lunch today, you’re not sitting in the cafeteria watching all your other friends eat because that’s a horrible experience, » the principal said. BB4CK executive Bethany Ross. “You hide in the stairwell, in the bathroom, waiting so you can all come out and pretend it didn’t happen.

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« If we just put food in your hands, now you can sit at this table and make jokes and make friends – and that’s so important. »

BB4CK is running a fundraising campaign until the end of September.

BB4CK is trying to give as many young Calgarians as possible the boost they need for the new school year.

« Just the fact that you’re feeding a child – everyone wins, » Jorgensen said.

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