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Burkini, get out of the trap

Nothing is definitely ever simple when it comes to Islam. The burkini is once again proof of this, this covering swimsuit supposed to comply with the rules of Islamic modesty and which the town hall of Grenoble now authorizes to wear in its swimming pools. We can, by the way, be surprised that the debate focuses entirely on it, neglecting the practice of bare breasts – also validated –, without anyone wondering what, around the pools, will jostle our gaze the most. .

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” Social progress “ for some, “betrayal of feminism” for others, the burkini is, without a doubt, a commercial goldmine. As for its link with Islam, it is tenuous. Certainly, this garment created in 2004 is not mentioned in the Koran. But it would be wrong to maintain that the Muslim tradition is not interested in women’s bodies. The burkini is therefore a bit of all of this, and no “camp” can claim to understand the variety of springs on its own.

There is another, which is likely to take precedence over all the others as the controversy swells: the identity argument. A sentence posted by one of these “imams” who abound on social networks illustrates this to the point of caricature: we must ” to fight “ for the right of Muslim women to wear it…while explaining to them how unseemly it is.

Nothing would be worse than remaining on this terrain of visibility in the public space: as long as the debate remains confined there, it can only consist of registering “victories”, noting “defeats”. Becoming aware of this is a way out of the trap. Accepting the complexity of the subject, leading the battle of intelligence, of history, of the interpretation of texts is another.