Britney Spears denounces her 13 years of guardianship exercised by her family


American pop icon Britney Spears denounced Sunday evening, in a long audio message on social networks, 13 years of guardianship exercised mainly by her father because of psychological disorders of the singer.

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This guardianship, decided in 2008 and which ended by a court decision in Los Angeles on November 12, was mainly under the authority of Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears.

Aged 40 today, the star had already spoken briefly since the lifting of this guardianship, which she described as “abusive”, and which notably prevented her from removing her contraceptive IUD despite her desire to to have other children.

Since then, Britney Spears remarried in June to her fiancé Sam Asghari, 28. The couple announced in the spring that the singer had suffered a miscarriage.

In a 22-minute audio message posted on YouTube on Sunday evening, which Variety media was the first to reveal, Britney Spears denounces in a sad and sometimes hoarse voice her 13 years of life under the “control” of her father, with the consent, according to her, of her « mother », her « brother » and her « friends ».

« What the fuck did I do to deserve this, » we hear her say on the audio tape, also accusing her family and loved ones of having « literally killed her. »

The artist judges in particular that her father Jamie Spears “punished” her during her 13 years of guardianship by preventing her from “being able to see anyone or say anything”.

“Everything was organized. No drugs, no alcohol, no nothing. Pure abuse” of weakness, she denounces, accusing her relatives of having “gave her the feeling that (she) was

“And I had accepted it”, concludes Britney Spears.

On Friday, however, the star released his first song in six years as a duet with British legend Elton John titled ‘Hold Me Closer’. Britney Spears’ last release dates back to 2016, with her album « Glory ».

The pop star, revealed by several planetary hits including « Baby One More Time », has not given an interview for years and rarely appears publicly.



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