Brianna Dunkin-Funk picks up bad kid from daycare, cops called

Picking up from daycare can be a bit hectic, even for a parent. I mean, your child rushes to greet you when you arrive, but in the excitement of it all, you have to remember to grab their water bottle, their sweatshirt, make sure their sheets are all put away for the week, then you have to disconnect them.

A mother asked her friend to step in and do the daycare pick up, but it all went horribly wrong when she was given the wrong child.

“Pick up an acquaintance’s child from daycare to help babysit her until she can get off work,” Brianna says in the TikTok which has since been viewed more than 625,000 times.

Brianna Dunkin-Funk asked her friend to step in and do the daycare pick up.
TikTok/Brianna Dunkin-Funk

“Spoiler alert!” she warned in the caption. “This time I accidentally kidnapped a child and thought I was going to jail.”

Brianna went on to say that she went to daycare to pick up her friend’s child, who she had obviously never met before. She gave them her name and the child’s name and they came back with the child. They confirmed the child’s name a second time and released it.

“Drove 20 minutes to their house,” she continues, “starts to prepare a snack for the child, the older brother comes out of their room.

“The older child says, ‘He’s not my brother…’.

“Check the phone for the text from mom that says ‘YOU PICKED UP THE WRONG CHILD.’


Brianna says she sent the wrong kid back to the center and everyone was angry. She’s been questioned by the police, people have been fired, and she now has to testify with child protective services.

Brianna Dunkin-Funk recalled the chaos of picking up kids from daycare.

Brianna Dunkin-Funk said the cops were called when she was picking up her child from daycare.

At the end of her story, Brianna Dunkin-Funk recalled picking up the wrong kid from daycare.

People had a lot of questions about how this could happen.

“It’s 100% on daycare!” one person commented. “I have so many questions!”

Another added: “I want to know why the kid just accepted and didn’t question it – even walking into the wrong house.”

“It’s a masterpiece,” said a third.

Brianna later added that when she appeared to be looking for the child in the wrong room, the child actually ran up to her and called her “Mom”. The two children also had the same very unique name, so she can see how things went wrong. This all happened years ago, so she won’t reveal any specific details.

And for a bit of a laugh, now that we know it all turned out fine in the end, Brianna confirmed that she was in fact asked to babysit the same kids again, and she later learned that the child “kidnapped” had a parent who is a lawyer.


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