Brewing a Montreal-flavoured beer with David Lametti

Federal MP for Lasalle-Émard-Verdun David Lametti got his hands dirty to create a beer that reflects the metropolis. He and his colleague Marc Miller met with master brewers from Labatt in Montreal in early October to learn more about the brewing industry and the secrets of brewing.

This very special cuvée will be presented as part of the Pan-Canadian Cuvée competition. A total of six beers will be brewed across the country. Local MPs from all parties work with brewers to create unique beer from local ingredients to showcase their respective regions. The beers will then be presented to a jury who will evaluate them. They will be rated according to five criteria: visual appearance, aroma, taste, balance and drinkability.

The final beer tasting will be held on November 30 in Ottawa.

This contest is a way to support Equal Voice, a multi-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the election of more women to all levels of political office in Canada. Labatt will make a donation to Equal Voice at the end of the competition.

Canadian regions represented in the competition
– Creston, British Columbia
– Calgary, AB
– Edmonton, AB
–London, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
– Halifax, Nova Scotia
– St. Johns, Newfoundland

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