Brazilian police rescue dog causes internet sensation


A rescue dog turned police mascot has become one of Brazil’s most beloved furry internet sensations.

Nicknamed « Corporal Oliveira », the dog was taken in by Rio policeman Cristiano Oliveira, who found him in 2019 near his abandoned police station, injured and starving.

The dog – dressed in a police uniform with a toy gun attached and sunglasses – became the official mascot of the 17th Military Police Battalion in Rio de Janeiro, patrolling alongside his officer and running alongside the motorcycles.

“I took a coat, a police shirt and put this on him as a joke. I took a picture and sent it to the list groups at our station and posted them there”, Oliveira said « And then the joke started going viral. »

Now the furry corporal has his own Instagram account with over 117,000 followers.

Corporal Oliveira in front of the 17th Military Police Battalion in Rio de Janeiro.

« If I don’t post a photo for three days, people are already asking ‘Where is Oliveira?’ ‘Where did Oliveira go?’ the officer said with a laugh.

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