Blockages at Peru’s Las Bambas copper mine have hit operations again

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LIMA — Peru’s massive Las Bambas copper mine has begun to scale back operations due to recent blockages, the mine said in a statement Thursday.

Las Bambas, owned by Chinese company MMG Ltd, is one of the largest copper mines in the world, but has suffered frequent disruption from largely poor indigenous communities.

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Peru is the world’s second largest producer of copper.

“We have been forced to begin a gradual downturn in our operations since October 31,” the company said in a statement.

« There is also the threat of further interruptions to our operations in Las Bambas in the very short term. »

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In addition to frequent roadblocks, Las Bambas went completely out of business for more than a month this year when two communities that had sold land to make way for the business returned to these areas.

While one community was evicted, the other – called Huancuire – remains in the property, the company said.

« The weakening of the state’s ability to fight conflict is notable, » Peru’s mining industry group SNMPE said in a statement.

The disturbances at Las Bambas follow protests at another major mine, Inmaculada de Hochschild Mining PLC, which produces gold and silver.

Hochschild said Wednesday that


had been lifted. (Reporting by Marco Aquino; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)


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