Blinken warns of consequences if a nuclear weapon is used in Ukraine

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(Bloomberg) – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of the consequences his country would face if it used a nuclear weapon in the war in Ukraine.

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“We communicated this very clearly and directly to the Russians, including President Putin,” Blinken said in an extensive interview at Bloomberg’s offices in Washington. « Were concerned. »

Content of the article

Blinken said Russia’s discussion of Ukraine’s use of a so-called dirty bomb was yet « another invention » and that Russia has a « history of projection », attributing behaviors to others that ‘they envision themselves. He said the rhetoric was « irresponsible ».

A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive nuclear waste over a limited area. For now, Blinken said the United States sees no reason to change its nuclear stance.

Blinken pledged continued U.S. support for the Ukrainians, calling it « important » and « necessary » that the United States and its allies « remain with Ukraine. »

He acknowledged that the energy transition underway in Europe is difficult and « not without pain », but said the United States was ready to support governments through several initiatives, including an increase in oil and gas production. Americans and efforts to keep prices « under control ». including further releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

—With assistance from Jonathan Tirone and Matthew Martin.


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