Big program for the 40th anniversary of Ciné-cadeau

The traditional Cine-gift de Télé-Québec, ultimate comfort for Quebecers bundled up during the holiday season, celebrates its 40e anniversary this year, and let’s say that the TV channel did not do things halfway to mark the occasion.

“Films that we absolutely want to see again year after year and that we want children to discover, new releases, special shows, contests, an outdoor event, Télé-Québec goes all out! “, confirms the channel on Wednesday.

It’s because this holiday movie lover’s get-together touches many hearts. It has become for many, young and old, a veritable winter ritual. Asterix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, the Smurfs, all these characters from the films of Cine-gift have taken a big place in our imagination.

Last year, more than four million people tuned in.

Guillaume Lambert is the spokesperson for the 40th anniversary of Ciné-cadeau. Photo: Courtesy of Télé-Québec

A multi-step celebration

First step in the 40th anniversary celebrations: to provide a charismatic spokesperson in the person of Guillaume Lambert, « undisputed fan of Cine-gift « .

Then, to launch the festivities: offer a special program entirely dedicated to the nostalgia that inspires Cine-gift. The Gervais-Diaz celebrate Ciné-gift will be moderated by Bianca Gervais and Sébastien Diaz. They will receive Mahée Paiement, Kim Lizotte, Guillaume Lambert (of course!) and Kevin Raphaël, Bob le chef, Sébastien Kfoury, Bleu Jeans Bleu and Ariane Moffatt. Together, they will remember the great classics of programming by participating in various associated activities.

We continue : Cine-gift will have its own podcast this year. Host Mathieu Bouillon with his guests Guillaume Lambert (yes, again), Nicholas Michon, Catherine Ethier, Charles Beauchesne, Antoine Vézina and Tammy Verge will revisit the films that helped make Cine-gift one of the most important television traditions in Quebec in The great déballado of Ciné-gift.

Like any good birthday party, we have to sing. A revisited version of the original song by Cine-gift by the Y’a du monde choir at mass is offered today.

This year, Cine-gift will not be held only in the living rooms. On December 10, Télé-Québec is organizing an event in the Old Port of Montreal to present a film by Tales for all outside.

From December 12 to 23, the party will continue in the classroom as Télé-Québec will return The tuque war available on its exclusive educational platform to students and teachers.

All this is in addition to the programming scheduled for Télé-Québec during this period, including: Cinema partyspecials Belle and Holiday Bum and There are people at Christmas mass on December 24, concerts televised Les Trois Accords Live in fun and Guylaine Tanguay and her POP vigil on December 29 and 30, a special program of Passe-partout, The day of the toupitouillesand emissions The Secret World of Santa Claus, The Smurfs, Pat’Patrouille, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Cracked, the family explodes, The adventures of the little penguin and Story time.

Phew, we can not say that we are bored. Happy Holidays!

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