Big dispute in sight at QS?

The day after an election, all the parties take stock.

The exercise was brief among the caquistes, absolute triumphs.

At QS, the post mortem risk of turning into a chicane. A big…

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois did everything to present QS as a formation of the moderate left.


On the Presse-toi à gauche site, an unsigned text, which represents the collective thought of its animators, several of whom are important members of QS, considers that this repositioning was a serious error.

This is a classic dilemma for all parties, left and right, from the extremes of the political axis.

Should we remain pure and hard, in order to clearly stand out from the others, or should we round the corners to try to cast a wider net?

These internal critiques of QS’s tactical and programmatic shift are not going with the back of the spoon.

On the general position of the party:

« The party presented itself as the defender of the ‘middle class’ […] ; [il] did not present itself as the party of the great majority working class […], of all those whose subsistence depends on subordinate wage labor and who therefore suffer the economic and political domination of capital. »

In short, not Marxist enough…

On the fight against climate change:

« This call for social consultation presents the business world as a driving force in the fight against climate change » while the bosses « stifle with both feet the real implementation of a climate plan commensurate with what would be necessary and try to turn the climate crisis into a business opportunity. »

In short, nothing to do with the bosses…

On independence:

“Not only did they subscribe to a provincialist logic, but they let Paul St-Pierre Plamondon occupy the entire field of the struggle for independence, thus allowing the PQ to recover many voters who had joined Québec solidaire in 2018.”

In short, a provincial party…

On immigration:

“We first had to defend the right of movement and settlement of migrants. It was necessary to insist on the constraints on immigration caused by the exploitation of the global south and climate change and the need to prepare to welcome them. »

In short, the doors wide open…


Two observations here.

First, it’s very easy to sit on entrenched positions that ensure you’ll never be in a position to have to enforce them.

Meanwhile, you criticize those who, with their hands in the engine, try to start the vehicle.

It’s the political equivalent of wanting to stay in a kind of eternal adolescence.

You cry and cry, from the height of your moral superiority and your pseudo-lucidity, while mom and dad do everything to help you move forward and make your life easier.

Then, these remarks illustrate the true nature of a non-negligible fringe of this party.

I almost pity GND.


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