Biden appears to be calling himself the greatest in history at White House event

On Wednesday, President Biden nearly declared himself the greatest president in US history.

« I tell you what, » the president said. “No one has ever done as much as president as this administration. Period. »

Biden spoke at the White House Tribal Nations Summit, which was expected to feature new announcements and efforts to put in place new policies that support tribal communities.

The summit, which takes place at the Department of the Interior, gives tribal leaders the opportunity to dialogue with senior U.S. officials on ways to strengthen nation-to-nation relationships and ensure the sustainability of indigenous communities for years to come. come.

As Biden spoke on the opening day of the summit, he said he was sure to make mistakes.

« Feel free to correct me when I do [them], » he said. « I know you; you will not hesitate.

Biden has always seen a majority of Americans disapprove of his professional performance. Prices for everyday items, including gasoline and food, saw record inflation on his watch. A recent report from the Pentagon revealed that its evacuation from Afghanistan, during which 13 Americans were killed and an unknown number of Afghans who had worked with the United States over the years were left behind, was a propaganda gift to China. The Taliban quickly took control following this retreat. The US-Mexico border has also seen a record number of illegal crossings month after month since Biden’s term began.


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