Bernie Sanders says he’s worried about Democratic voter turnout among young and working people


Senator Bernie Sanders said Sunday he was concerned about Democratic voter turnout ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

« I’m concerned about the level of voter turnout among young people and workers who will be voting Democrat, » the independent Vermont senator who caucus with Democrats told CNN’s Jake Tapper on « State of the Union » when asked. asked what Sanders was seeing and hearing. on the energy among Democratic voters right now.

Early in-person voting has already begun in many states with competitive elections this midterm cycle, including Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina and Nevada.

Sanders went on to say that Democrats needed to compare their economic plan with Republicans.

“I think what we need to do is compare what a strong pro-worker Democratic position is with the corporate agenda of Republicans,” he said.

Asked by Tapper why voters who hear messages from Democrats and think the party controls Congress and the White House should still vote for Democrats next month, Sanders noted that their majority was slim and opposed the party work on reducing the effects of inflation compared to Republican plans.

“What is the Republican response to inflation? What do they want to do? Well, maybe they want to cut workers’ wages. Do they want to raise the minimum wage? No, they don’t.

Sanders continued, “So I think attacking Republicans is important. What do they want to do but complain?

Regarding rising crime rates, Sanders argued for addressing the societal sources of addiction.

“Crime is a real problem. Violence is a real problem and I’ll tell you something, I go all over the state of Vermont. This drug problem and drug addiction and drug-induced violence is a huge problem across the country,” he said. “So we need to focus in a smart way and not in a way that instills fear,” which would include “investing in our young people, in good education, in good job training and making sure that we have good law enforcement. order are doing good work all over the country.

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