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As has already been said, Elisabeth Borne, coming, it seems, from the left had been, during the previous five-year term, the best able to carry out right-wing reforms. Deputy RN, the so-called Roger Chudeau was the technical adviser to François Fillon. And so he says, quoted by Le Figaro: “I will never vote for anything other than what Marine Le Pen will vote for. » Aurore Bergé, deputy of Yvelines who has just taken the head of the relative presidential majority in the Assembly, succeeding Christophe Castaner, whom we remember that he came from the PS, has a political career whose consistency she defends. Former sarkozyst close to Valérie Pécresse, she was a fillonist in 2012, then a juppeist, before joining Emmanuel Macron in 2017. We learned that Éric Woerth, former LR who became a macronist, would prefer to see a member of the RN at the head of the Finance Committee rather than a Nupes… We say to ourselves that, in this world of women and men of conviction, small friendly arrangements between enemies shouldn’t be too hard to come by.