Back-to-school video games

Yes, it’s already time to go back to school for all those who study as well as morning races against the clock for parents. To drive away the sadness in the face of the days that are getting shorter and the nights that are refreshing, here are games just for back to school.

The start of the new school year is first and foremost the return to class, whether it is a school, a CEGEP or a university. If the prospect of entering a classroom scares you, wait until you dive into “White Day: A Labyrinth Named School” set in a South Korean high school. The character you control decides to sneak into the establishment at night, in order to surprise his girlfriend, while supernatural forces start hunting him down…

Who says school also says, unfortunately, bullying. In 2006. Rockstar Games, the publishers of « Grand Theft Auto » decided to condemn school violence by releasing a video game on the problem. “Bully” is played in the third person. Young Jimmy, a troubled teenager, arrives at Bullworth School and must stop the bullies in order to fit in. Obviously, Jimmy has to attend classes and become popular.

While youngsters who want to attend Hogwarts can always delve into ‘LEGO Harry Potter Collection’. There they must learn how to cast spells, make potions, solve puzzles and etc. Condensing the first four volumes of the adventures of the young wizard, the title is ideal for children.

A little more « educational »

School isn’t all about adventures or survival games. You also have to study and learn. To do this, direction “Minecraft: Education Edition”, also available for phones since the beginning of the month. There are tons of various activities in the well-known “Minecraft” environment. Thus, chemistry lessons, the exploration of an underwater biome and a number of other novelties await young students… and those not so young who want to stretch their neurons.

Under the pretext of playing, « Duolinguo » allows you to learn the basics of a foreign language. Well done, this free application is customizable – you choose the reasons for learning, your level and off you go. You may not become trilingual overnight, but you can discover the charms of another language or revise your knowledge. There is also a « Duolinguo for Schools » which also offers courses corresponding to your level… without forgetting homework.

Always fun and always educational, “Scribblenauts Unlimited” is designed to develop the creativity of young people. Indeed, children are immersed in a universe where Maxwell has a magic notebook that transforms the words he writes into objects. As a result, players can let their imagination run free, without giving up developing some skills.

History buffs have a choice. We won’t stop praising the merits of the “Assassin’s Creed” saga and its “Discovery Tours” allowing you to learn everything from different eras. These, designed and developed for educational purposes, have become real references in the field. In another genre, but just as conducive to learning, the titles of the “Civilization” franchise stand out as an interesting choice. In the strategy game “Civilization VI”, the player controls a civilization – the choice is impressive, there are the Aztecs, the Romans, etc. – and seeks to ensure its dominance. We relive some of the great historical events and expansions allow access to characters who marked their time or to specific campaigns allowing to conquer new territories.

And finally, to familiarize yourself with the concepts of town planning, ecology, waste management, zoning, etc., why not take a stroll around “Cities: Skylines”? This urban development game allows young « gamers » to understand the complexity of the system in which we live and to learn a little more about the management of a city and therefore of a community.

“White Day: A Labyrinth Named School”: for Windows via Steam and PlayStation

“Bully”: for Windows and PlayStation

“LEGO Harry Potter Collection”: for Switch and for Windows via Steam

“Minecraft: Education Edition”: for Windows

“Duolinguo”: via browser

“Scribblenauts Unlimited”: for Windows via Steam, scribblenauts3&hl=en_US&gl=US for Android and for iOS

“Assassin’s Creed”: for different platforms

“Civilization VI”: for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

“Cities: Skylines”: for Windows, macOS and Linux


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