‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Connections, tears and engagements abound in dramatic season preview

By Paige Gawley, ETOnline.com.

The oversized new season of « Bachelor in Paradise » is going to bring the drama. At the end of the season 8 premiere of the series on Tuesday, fans got to find out what was to come and, boy, is it there a lot come.

The preview begins on a light note as Shanae swoons from abs and juggles men, Aaron falls in love after witnessing a twerk, and Johnny jokes about the season’s love triangles that make up the « geometric beach. » .

Love is also in the air, as Brandon tells Serene he’s « falling in love with you, » Rodney and Lace bond, Brittany and Jacob grow closer, Michael tells Sierra she’s bringing him back « to life », and Logan confesses to Kate that he wants her « to be mine ».

All can’t be right, however, as Aaron tells Genevieve he’s « chipped », Shanae yells at Logan to « be a man », Lace gets emotional about Rodney kissing someone else. ‘other, and Aaron and Teddi have it in a big way.

As if that weren’t enough, host Jesse Palmer told the ladies, “Go pack your bags. You will leave paradise immediately. The women don’t take it too well, as they shout, ‘Fuck you, Jesse Palmer’ from a balcony.

Elsewhere, an ambulance arrives and a man admits, « Heaven right now doesn’t look too much like heaven. »

It might be worth it in the end, because it looks like at least two happy couples will leave Paradise engaged.

The biggest star of the preview is the women leaving the beach as new ladies arrive, a long-rumored twist for this season.

When ET spoke with « BiP’s » resident bartender Wells Adams earlier this year, he teased how the show was thinking « outside the box » and « tried new things » this season.

“From my point of view behind the bar, it was incredible. From a beach people perspective, not so much, they hated it,” Wells said of the surprise. « …We tried different things and got, I think, a record number of people on the beach this season. »

Meanwhile, Jesse told ET to « expect the unexpected. »

« People are going to be shocked when they see who shows up on the beach, who ends up mating, some of the twists and turns that you’ve never seen on ‘Paradise,' » Jesse said. « …It will be a ‘paradise’ like no one has ever seen before. »

Season 8 of « Bachelor in Paradise » airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. Follow ET’s coverage of the show to stay on top of all the drama on the beach.


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