Available from January 19 on Club illico: unveiling of the trailer for the “About Antoine” series

The trailer for the new series “About Antoine” starring Claude Legault, Cathleen Rouleau, Fanny Mallette, Sylvain Marcel, Hugues Frenette and Micheline Bernard has just been unveiled.

The series tells the life of Julie (Cathleen Rouleau) who falls in love with Marc (Claude Legault), the father of two boys, Georges (Edouard-B. Larocque) and Antoine (Antoine Parent-Bédard), a teenager with multiple disabilities. The latter is autistic level 3, intellectually handicapped, non-verbal and epileptic of high level. Antoine interprets his own role, Cathleen Rouleau being his stepmother in life.

We follow Julie’s arrival in this extraordinary family, which faces challenges every day, but whose house is filled with joy and small victories every day.

Written by Cathleen Rouleau, based on her own life with ComediHa! CEO Sylvain Parent-Bédard, the series is produced by ComediHa!, in collaboration with Quebecor Content. The 10 episodes produced by Podz and shot in Quebec City will be available starting January 19 on Club illico.

Other series on Club illico

Videotron’s platform offering includes series such as “The Night When Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up,” by Xavier Dolan; “We”, by Yannick Savard; “Fault 3”, by Daniel Roby; « Lac-Noir », by Frédérik D’Amours; “The time of raspberries”, by Philippe Falardeau; and « Audrey is back », by Guillaume Lonergan.

The second season of “Portrait-robot”, by Alexis Durand-Brault will be added on January 5.


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