Audrey Murray in favor of the Écoquartier Louvain Est project

The Caquiste candidate in Maurice-Richard, Audrey Murray, has pledged to support the development of the Eco-neighborhood project on the Louvain Est site, which aims to counter the housing shortages affecting several regions of Quebec.

Planned for 2023, this eco-district will include local shops, a food hub, a school, a wooded area, parks and lively squares. It provides for the construction of 800 to 1,000 additional dwellings, of which 50% will be social and community housing.

This initiative, supported by the Government of Quebec, meets the objectives of the Plan for a green economy by 2030, while responding to the issues identified in terms of affordable housing.

“The citizen project of the Eco-district Louvain Est is an innovative model of development of the territory which needs strong support from the future deputy, supports Audrey Murray, by means of a press release. I have the firm intention of mobilizing all the government resources necessary to achieve concrete results for the citizens of Maurice-Richard.”

In the same dynamic, the candidate undertakes to support social and affordable housing projects, as well as to support low-income households with the rent supplement program already announced by the CAQ.

« The housing shortage is a brake on economic and social vitality in addition to being a human tragedy for many people, » she says. Our riding is affected by the phenomenon in the same way as several towns and villages in Quebec. We have to tackle it now and the means are not lacking.”

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